We stand by you through the complexities
and challenges of compliance.

We help you keep pace with the
fast-evolving regulatory environment.

We help you build capacity to
confidently climb to greater heights.

We build robust business
relationships based on trust.

We are committed, responsive
and alert to your needs.

We have a competent team
with a proven track record.


About RockFin

Working towards a higher level of compliance

Working towards a higher level of compliance, RockFin builds tailor-made solutions for companies to enable them to focus on their core business while we take care of their compliance requirements.
Our clients' portfolio includes global financial services institutions, multi-national corporations (MNCs), small & medium enterprises (SMEs), start-ups, amongst others.

Our Services



RockFin Compliance handles your compliance and regulatory programmes and liaison with regulators in Mauritius, so that your staff and you remain at all times compliant, even if you are a small team.



RockFin Consulting supports you in building a solid foundation for your business to operate in all confidence and prepare for growth. Our team of professionals will accompany your business in setting up comprehensive processes and procedures. We also conduct audits, and our training programmes are customised to help your organisation build the capacity it requires to achieve its business ambitions.


We are relevant to your needs
We understand the challenges of your business towards compliance and the regulatory environment and work together with your teams to offer bespoke solutions that are relevant to your needs.

A proven track record
Having helped our clients achieve their business ambitions, we have built robust relationships with a wide range of organisations including Management Companies, Banks, Insurance companies, accounting firms, real estate companies, SMEs, start-ups and several entities holding special licences from the Financial Services Commission (FSC).

We are the first compliance company in Mauritius to have been approved as a member of the Association of Trust and Management Companies.

A competent and dedicated team
We have a team of bilingual high calibre professionals who put you first and take personal ownership of your needs. Our team members have rich and long-standing experience in a panoply of sectors namely in the global financial sector and compliance spheres.

We keep you up to date
We understand your need to keep up with a rapidly evolving business environment. Our commitment is to keep you up to date with latest developments in the regulatory environment.

Specialist in audit and training
We are currently one of the leading compliance companies providing AML/CFT independent audit services and are well-praised for delivering high level training courses through our specialised training software.

Responsive Approach
We attend to your needs promptly and endeavour to answer your queries within 24 hours.


"The law of governance, risk-management, and compliance is the body of rules, regulations, and best practices that, individually and collectively, are intended to ensure that organizations are managed effectively and in such a way as to enhance social welfare."

Geoffrey P. Miller

The Law of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance.
"Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do."

Petter Stewart